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15th August 2021 Newsletter

Tapestry of Our Lady, Los Angeles Cathedral

Today Holy Mother Church celebrates the Feast of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary into Heaven. We might ask what this feast has to do with us. The answer is pretty simple; all that God has accomplished in Mary's life, God has and will accomplish in our lives too. As Mary was conceived without original sin, we too, through the waters of baptism, are cleansed of original sin. Christ came into the world through Mary; we, through anointing with chrism, are to bring Christ to our world by the way we live our lives. And, finally, Mary was assumed into the glory of Heaven; a place in heaven lies waiting for each of us. Mary, whose soul magnified the Lord, is the Saint among all Saints, the most blessed, the one who shows us the way of holiness and accompanies us on that way. She invites us to do whatever Christ asks of us so that we too, like her, will have a place in Heaven.

'Hail, through you glory shines forth; Hail, through you sorrow is wiped out... Hail, guide to celestial wisdom; Hail proof of enigmatic mystery"

Byzantine hymn Akathistos Reflection by John Ashu CM

RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all those who have died recently and also all who are sick at this time and, with them, all who care for them in any way. May the prayers of the community of faith be a support to all at this time.

CAR PARK RENEWAL Holders of passes for the Church carpark are reminded that these will be due for renewal before 1st September; you can renew them any morning at the Parish Office.


For those who wish to learn more about the Catholic faith, RCIA meetings will resume on Monday 13th September at 7.30 pm.

Attendance at these meetings does not, in any way, involve an obligation to become a Catholic.


This group is open to anyone who wishes to talk about their experience of grief, pain or loss. Afternoon Meetings (1.30-3 pm) will be held in Hartley Hall on the last Friday of each month; next meetings on 27 August and 24 September. Evening meetings (6.30-8 pm) are held in the Bethany Room on the second Monday of every month; next meeting on 13 September. Further information can be obtained through the Parish Office. Sharing your grief may be the first step to healing and peace.


Just a reminder that, until further notice, the office is staffed only in the mornings until 1 pm. Please also remember that Mass intentions for the week ahead can be viewed on the parish website here If you have booked a Mass, it's always a good idea to check that it is listed.


Most parishioners now receive the newsletter by e-mail. If you, or anyone you know, would like to do so, please send your email address to me: We know that some people have, perhaps accidentally, unsubscribed from the list; if you wish to resubscribe, you have to inform us. Now that restrictions are lifting, we can also provide printed copies. If you give your name in to the office, a copy will be left, under your name, at the back of the Church for collection. We know that some parishioners are still shielding or are confined to home for other reasons and we are happy to post a newsletter to anyone who would like to receive it.


As this Sunday, the 15th, is also the Solemnity of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary, you might like to join in adoration of the Blessed Sacrament on Saturday 14th. Perhaps, as I suggested last week, you might like to pray particularly that Mary, Untier of Knots, may intercede that this pandemic and its restrictions may, by God's grace, come to an end.

With every blessing for the week ahead,

Eugene cm

Rev Eugene Curran cm

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