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Ask, Seek, Knock.

As you know, for the past three weeks, I attended our General Assembly in Rome. There, Vincentians met from all over the world to reflect on our lives and mission and on the challenges facing us in the years ahead. It was not always easy but it was always rewarding. On the last day, we carried the flags of all countries in procession for the Mass and I, very proudly, carried the Union Flag. I was thinking of all of you and of all the people who have been part of the community of Sacred Heart, but I also thought of the many places in the United Kingdom where the vincentian spirit lives and thrives. This week's Gospel reminds us all that, while everything is in God's gift, it is our job to ask, to seek, to knock. It is our work, as human beings, to ask the questions that are difficult and challenging, to seek the ways that lead to life and light for all and to knock on the doors that hold the answers. And it is our mission, as Christians, to ensure that we do so respectful of the life and world that God has given to us. We may not always agree and there may not always be easy solutions but, if we faithfully ask, seek and knock, the Lord will hear and will reply.

RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all our beloved departed, especially:

Elenor Hutchins Gerry Landers

and those whose anniversaries occur at this time. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them. FUNDRAISING; SUNDAY 24TH The Latter family, who are seeking to raise funds for their sons Guy and Tommy, will hold another cake-sale in the Bethany Room after Masses this coming Sunday. They are very grateful for the support they received in the past and are hoping to move further towards being able to take the boys for treatment in the USA. WORLD YOUTH DAY 2023 – LOOKING TO LISBON Just a reminder that the closing date for applications for World Youth Day 2023, Lisbon, is 31 July 2022. A DAY WITH MARY The next Day takes place on 7 August at the National Shrine of Our Lady, Walsingham, beginning at 12.10 pm and concluding with Mass at 5pm. GENERAL ASSEMBLY OF THE VINCENTIANS Sacred Heart is part of a world-wide Vincentian network and I thought it might be interesting to know something about the internationality of our new General Council; Fr Gregorio Banaga (69) of the Phillipines is our new Vicar General Fr Aaron Gutierrez (71) of Mexico is the only returning Councillor. Fr Rafal Kopystynski (59) of the New England Province (USA) was born in Poland. Fr Nelio Pita (43) former Provincial of Portugal, is the youngest of the Councillors. Fr Dominique Iyolo (61) from Congo has also served in Belgium Our out-going General, Tomaz Mavric, was re-elected for a further six year term. Fr Tomaz, of Slovenian birth, was raised in Argentina and served, before his election, as Vice-Provincial in Ss Cyril and Methodius, an area which includes Ukraine and Siberia. He is a dear friend - we might even say protegé - of our Fr Paul Roche, who was the first vice-provincial of Ss Cyril and Methodius. It was, as always, an amazing experience to meet with confreres from all over the world - serving in all kinds of places and ministries. Sacred Heart Mill Hill is a part of that and one moment that struck me forcefully was a video on the Deaf School in Ambo, Ethiopia, which has received significant support from parishioners here...and, I hope, will continue to do so. COMINGS AND GOINGS This week, we will begin the process of moving from the current Presbytery to St Vincent's House on the Ridgeway. As many of you will know, the house is opposite St Vincent's School. We will also, in the coming weeks, be moving the Parish Office to its temporary accommodation behind the Parish Hall. Please bear with us during these changes. It's never easy to up-root. Melanie is taking some vacation days over the coming weeks so please be patient with us when it comes to answering phonecalls and emails.

AND FINALLY... This coming week sees the celebration of the relatively new feast of St Martha, Mary and Lazarus of Bethany; a reminder that there are many ways of being family and a 'household of God'. Wherever your family are - near or far, in this world or the next - and whoever is family for you, may you know yourself blessed by their love. Rev Eugene Curran CM

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