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Coping with Selfishness

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A - 3rd September, 2017

Jesus came to tell us of the love of the Father for us. This caused him a lot of suffering and opposition from religious authorities. We too at times will experience opposition because of our faith.

That is why Jesus told Peter about denying himself.

What does this mean?

I think it means being prepared to put the needs of others before my own needs in an emergency. At time I need to say ‘no’ to others if my own health or needs demand it.

Thanks to original sin there is an inclination in everyone to give way to selfishness.

Jesus will help us to overcome our selfishness if we ask him.

It is a life long struggle. Carrying my cross involves accepting my humanity and the humanity of others who share my life. Illness, family pressures, unemployment and growing old are stages of a person’s life.

God will help me to cope with all of these experiences.

I can give glory to God in the darkest moments and in the happiest times in my life.

I think the challenge for me is—do I trust in God’s care for me and everyone and the flowers and animals and the universe?

St Vincent de Paul used to say “if we look after God’s affairs, He will of look after ours.”

Fr. Noel Travers


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