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"Do Unto Others"; Norman Rockwell

In the Gospel on Sunday, as we approach Pentecost, Jesus prays 'May they all be one'. Pope John Paul II, now Saint, took this as the title of his great text on ecumenism 'Ut Unum Sint'. If you haven't read it, I recommend it to you. However we understand or name God, it is the one Creator who is the 'Dear Lord and Father of Mankind' and it is our foolish ways that cause division. There will always be differences; that is the beauty, wonder and challenge of human life. But there is no need for difference to lead to division, since our unity, especially in faith, should be what leads others to believe in God and Christ. "In essentials unity, in non-essentials liberty, in all things charity" (Rupertus Meldenius, Lutheran)

RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all our beloved departed, especially

Yvonne (Mary) Hieu Archimede Cordani Carmen Cauchi (funeral; 10 June, 11am)

and those whose anniversaries occur at this time. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them.


As we get closer to the ordination on 4th June, please keep John in your prayers. There are envelopes available in the Narthex for those who would like to contribute to a gift for John; please mark them with John's name and return them to the presbytery or the Narthex. NIGERIAN CATHOLIC CHAPLAINCY: PENTECOST RETREAT The annual retreat will take place from 1st - 4th June at 6 pm daily in Our Lady and St Joseph, N1 4AG. The theme is; "You will receive power". Further information at or 02072493618 FRIENDS OF THE HOLY LAND For Pentecost, the Friends are organising a virtual 'Walk across the Holy Land' to support their work. To find out more visit their website. MILL HILL MUSIC FESTIVAL Full details on the festival website at with tickets available from Mill Hill Wines or on-line. IRISH CHAPLAINCY We recently had a celebration of Mass for Carers and those cared for. It was a joint event from ourselves, Caritas Westminster and the Irish Chaplaincy. If you would like more information on the chaplaincy, copies of their newsletter are available in the Narthex and copies of their book, Looking Ahead With Hope, are available at the Repository. For those who would like to support the work of the chaplaincy, there are also envelopes for their 'Cairde; friends scheme', or you can contribute at LANGDALE SCHOOL There are limited preschool places available for September 2022; for information contact 0208-9597427 or the new website, A DAY WITH MARY The next Day takes place at St Mary of the Angels, W2 5DJ, on Saturday, 4th June. GOOD COUNSEL NETWORKTo find out more about this work, now in its 25th year, or to support is ministry, see ASCENSION THURSDAY Thursday, 26th May, is Ascension Thursday. There will be Mass at 10 am and at 7 pm. Some of our younger sisters and brothers from St Vincent's School will join us for the morning Mass and we look forward to celebrating with them.


This coming week includes the Feast of the Visitation, perhaps a good time to pay a visit, even virtually or by phone, to an old friend.

And the 'Old Friend' could be Jesus, if it is a while since you have been in Church!

Rev Eugene Curran CM

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