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Fr Eamon: Making a Better World

2nd Sunday of Easter - Year B - 8th April 2018

Pope Benedict said "Courage and sacrifice, are fruits of a moral awakening, that enable us to envisage a better world and embolden us to pursue it with hope, all that is necessary to ensure that future generations are given the whole of creation in such a condition that they too can call it home. Pope Benedict also said that "development plans, investments and legislation are not enough;" rather, "individuals and communities must change their behavior."

"For UK , this includes a redefining of the principles that have, up to this, governed international relations, to include the practice of unselfish concern for, or devotion to, the welfare of others and the resolve to seek out new standards, moral as well as economic, capable of building relation ships of greater fairness and balance between developing and developed countries."

Benedict XVI highlighted an understanding of the health of society in which "our duties toward the environment are never detached from our duties toward the human person."

In this model, the Pope added, "a moral examination of the cultural norms shaping human coexistence, with particular concern for the young, is considered central to the well-being of society." "Often efforts to promote a better understanding of the environment have had to sit alongside a poorer understanding of the person." This understanding of the person, is " lacking in respect for the spiritual dimension of individuals."

Also he said; "The world is sometimes hostile toward the family, pitting spouses against each other, through a distorted portrayal of the complementarity of men and women, and pitting mother and unborn child against each other, through a misconstrued portrayal of 'reproductive health. He affirmed that "responsibility in relationships, including the responsibility of careful parenting, can never be truly nurtured without profound respect for the unity of family life according to the loving design of our Creator."

This “covenant” has to be renewed, with the courage and vision born of faith, so that these centres of love, evangelization, and solidarity can, with the help of God’s grace and despite all our limitations, work true miracles for the shaping of a more fraternal and humane world.

“A Church that is truly according to the Gospel cannot but have the form of a welcoming home, with the doors always open.”

Fr. Eamon Raftery C.M.


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