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Fr Noel: COmmitment

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B - 2nd September 2018

I had a great time watching the Football World Cup competition.

It was held in Russia.

I used to enjoy the way the players and the fans sang their national anthems.

They were so proud of their countries.

Many of them would place their hands on their hearts as they sang the anthems.

In today's gospel, Jesus quotes the words of the prophet Isaiah:

"This people honour me with only lip service while their hearts are far from me."

Do these words apply to me?

Am I committed to Jesus and His mission of welcoming all people, all races, to experiencing His love?

Jesus, the Son of God - the Word of God - came to show you and me what God is like.

We express our thoughts and feelings by our words and actions.

He shared our humanity.

By our baptism, we share His divinity.

He loved so much that He died for us and rose again.

Will I give Him my heart? Sometimes I do and sometimes I don't.

Hopefully I will give Him my heart more and more as I appreciate more and more His love for me and all people.

Fr. Noel Travers C.M.


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