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"I die the kings faithful servant,but God's Servant First ."St Thomas More

Faith is a comfort and a consolation but it is also a challenge: 'your duty is to spread the news of the kingdom of God' and 'no one who looks back is fit for the kingdom of God'. Remember, though, it is firstly a challenge to us, not to others; whatever our differences, we must love our neighbours as ourselves. This past week, we had the feast of the martyrs, John Fisher and Thomas More, both faithful witnesses; yet there were faithful witnesses 'on the other side', women and men who acted in accordance with their conscience. Being courageous is not an excuse for arrogance or for belittling others; following my own conscience does not justify attacking others who follow theirs. Can we put our hands to the plough, even if others do not agree with us, even if they oppose us, even if we seem to be 'out of step'? One of the great lines spoken by Thomas More in 'A Man for all Seasons' is; 'And when we die, and you are sent to heaven for doing your conscience, and I am sent to hell for not doing mine, will you come with me, for fellowship?' Can we face the challenge of living our faith with courage and of witnessing, with joy, to the Lord we serve?

RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all our beloved departed, especially:

Marie Louise Joannu (27 June) Paul Tyler (30 June) Clement Nwafor Bridie Byrne (Funeral, 24 June, noon) Kieron Kelly (Funeral, 30 June, 11 am)

and those whose anniversaries occur at this time. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them.


A reminder that, if you wish to go on the proposed pilgrimage to Paris, 6-9 September, please let us know before 24th June. The cost will be approximately £400. WORLD YOUTH DAY 2023 – LOOKING TO LISBON World Youth Day 2023 will take place in Lisbon in the beginning of August 2023. Diocese of Westminster Youth Ministry, with support from Cardinal’s Appeal, is offering a limited number of places on this pilgrimage with a 50% discount to young people between the ages of 16-25. Any 16 year-olds who apply will need to be finishing year 12 by the start of World Youth Day pilgrimage. These young people will commit to a series of preparatory sessions from September 2022, to prepare them to assist in support roles during the pilgrimage, such as by acting as small group leaders, and also offer formation to them which will be helpful in living their faith post-World Youth Day. More details can be found at or by contacting Westminster Youth Ministry at Please apply by 31 July 2022. A DAY WITH MARY The next Day takes place on 2 July at St Vincent de Paul, Witham Road, Osterley, beginning at 10 am. ALLIANCE OF CATHOLIC MARRIAGE ORGANISATIONS (ACMO) August 2018 marked the launch of ACMO during the World Meeting of Families in Dublin; bringing together five organisations (Catholic Marriage Care, Marriage Encounter, Retrouvaille, Teams and Two-In-One Flesh) that between them have served the Church in England and Wales for many years. They now form a sub-committee of the Bishops’ Committee for Marriage and Family Life; supporting the work of Bishop David Oakley as Chair of that Committee. You can find out more about ACMO at MARRIAGE ENCOUNTER (ME) ME hosts non-residential marriage enrichment weekends which afford an opportunity for couples to explore and affirm their relationship. The next weekend will be 16/17 July at St Joseph's, Hendon. Further details at CATHOLIC NEWSPAPERS A reminder that you can now subscribe to the Catholic newspapers on-line. It is important that we support the Catholic voice in public life and discussion. You can subscribe to the Universe at The Tablet is at CATHOLIC LISTENERS This is a new confidential helpline service, set up by the diocese of Westminster, for those who want to return to the faith and are in need of a safe space to be heard. It operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays from 4pm-7pm at 0800 448 0704. Further information at FIRST FRIDAY As next Friday, 1st July, is the first of the month, there will be Stations of the Cross following the morning Mass. COMINGS AND GOINGS As part of the moves involved in building a new presbytery, a temporary office will be coming on-site this coming week. Please bear in mind that this will, in large part, block some parking spaces and access at the back of the car-park.

AND FINALLY... I will be away a good deal in the coming month; firstly, at our General Assembly in Rome and then giving a retreat to some confreres in France. If you would like to follow the progress of our Assembly, you can do so on Facebook, where the opening Mass will be live-streamed at 10am on Monday 27th. Fr Ako will be in charge but, if you need to contact me directly for any reason, please do so by email. May the coming months be a time of renewal, rest, recreation and recuperation for all of us.

Rev Eugene Curran CM

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