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With Christmastide over, we are now back in 'Ordinary' time. Even in common language, ordinary has come to mean 'mundane', 'common', 'dull' or 'repetitive'. But, in fact, it is called "ordinary" not because it is boring but simply from the Latin word ordo, which refers to numbers in a sequence (from which we get the English word order). Thus, the weeks of Ordinary Time represent the ordered life of the Church—neither feasting (as in the Christmas and Easter seasons) nor fasting (as in Advent and Lent) but living committed lives of witness and faith. The colour of Ordinary Time is green and, as Kermit the Frog reminds us, green may not stand out 'like flashy sparkles on the water or stars in the sky', but's the colour of spring And green can be cool and friendly-like And green can be big like an ocean Or important like a river Or tall like a tree. Perhaps this is a time to embrace what is 'ordinary' in ourselves and realise that it can be blessed, holy, creative and life-giving; 'I'm green, and I like it; it's beautiful and, I think, it's what I want to be be'. RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all who have died recently, especially;

Margaret Casey (late of Granville Place) Dipo Adepetun Kevin Cullen Christopher Welch (Funeral; 25 January, 1pm) Cecilia Appiah (Funeral; 9 February, 1pm TBC)

Christine Murray (Funeral: 17 January, 11.00 am)

and all those who have died during this time of pandemic. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them. PAX CHRISTI; International Catholic Movement for Peace Pax Christi is the the Catholic Movement for Peace for England and Wales. We support them each year by a second collection. Envelopes are available in the Narthex or you can contribute on-line on their website RETROUVAILLE; If you find that your marriage is under stress, the Retrouvaille programme may be just what you need! The next programme commences with a weekend, 3rd-6th March 2022. For more information contact +44 788 729 6983, or (complete confidentiality assured). BISHOP DOUGLASS CATHOLIC SCHOOL The school has produced its Christmas Magazine, available at There is also a hard copy available at the Presbytery. They are also seeking enquiries from people interested in working at the school. ST COLUMBA'S COLLEGE, PREP SCHOOL The College will host a Prep School Open Morning on 28th January. Further information on 01727 892076 or on the College website. CAFOD; WALK AGAINST HUNGER CAFOD is organising a sponsored walk against hunger for Lent. Your beloved Parish Priest is committing himself to walk 5km per day (four days a week at least!) in Lent. If you are interested in doing this, or want to learn more, check

AND FINALLY... As Spring starts to make its presence felt, take some time to notice the new growth, the fresh green, the buds and stems...and notice the stirrings of new life in yourself too.

With every blessing

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