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PRAYER; putting ourselves in a right, loving relationship with our God.

PRAYER; putting ourselves in a right, loving relationship with our God. FASTING; putting ourselves in right, loving relationship with ourselves. ALMS-GIVING; putting ourselves in right, loving relationship with our neighbour. Is there anything in my life that is unhealthy, unholy, unhelpful or unwholesome that I need to examine, reflect on or correct? On Wednesday next, Ash Wednesday, we begin the season of Lent. The readings this Sunday remind us that the ways we respond to the challenges of life show the quality and calibre of our souls and our character. As the Cardinal reminds us in his Pastoral Letter, this coming Season, as we emerge from the upheaval and turmoil of Covid, may be a good time to set the balance right in our lives - and, especially, to give time to prayer, to faith and to God. RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all who have died recently, especially;

Patricia Geraerts Kathleen Phelan Marc Anthony Lee

and all those who have died during this time of pandemic. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them.

MASSES ON ASH WEDNESDAY Masses (with the distribution of Ashes) will be at 10am, 12.15 pm and 7pm. Ashes will be distributed as normal but those who wish may also bring some home - please bring your own small plastic bag or container if you wish to do so. CAKE SALE; 27TH FEBRUARY The cake sale, in aid of Cancer Research UK, which was postponed, will be held this Sunday after morning Masses.

CONFIRMATION PROGRAMME 2022 A reminder of the forthcoming introductory Zoom Meeting for Parents and Candidates on Tuesday, 8th March, from 7.30-8.30 pm. Confirmation candidates must be at least 14 years old on 31st August 2022. Please email Clare Shah at to register your interest and receive the Zoom link. Adults who may wish to be confirmed should contact the parish priest directly, either at the presbytery or at MASS OF THANKSGIVING FOR THE SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE A reminder for those celebrating significant wedding anniversaries: you are invited to a Mass in the Cathedral on Saturday, 14th May at 3pm. Simply contact the Presbytery and leave your details. CARDINAL'S LENTEN APPEAL

2022 marks 10 years of Caritas Westminster. Funds raised in this year's Cardinal's Lenten Appeal will be shared between parishes and Caritas Westminster. The effects of the pandemic are making daily life harder for so many people in the diocese. The Church is responding by serving those in need, those who feel pushed to the margins of society. Donation envelopes will be available in the Narthex from this weekend and can be returned at any time either to the presbytery or to the collection basket in the Church. Those who wish to contribute on-line can use the QR code on the poster in the Narthex. CARDINAL'S PRE-LENT PASTORAL LETTER The Cardinal's letter, which will be read at Masses this weekend and on display in the Narthex, reminds us that Lent is the traditional and powerful season of our renewal in faith. He says; '...I would like you to be ready to approach those whom you know, and who are not present here today, with a word of invitation for them to join us'. Lent is a time to reset our patterns so that there is time for God in our hearts and in our weekly routines. The Cardinal has also recorded a video for school pupils on YouTube . Again, he invites them to encourage others to return to Mass and to Church. A DAY WITH MARY

The next day will be on Saturday, 12th March, at St Mary Magdalene, Athenaeum Road, Whetstone. FIRST FRIDAY; STATIONS OF THE CROSS As usual, we will have the Stations of the Cross following Mass on Friday. Perhaps you could consider making the Way of the Cross then or at some time during Lent as an act of faith and devotion. PEACE IN UKRAINE The Cardinal's letter also urges us to continue in our prayer for Ukraine. 'We cry out: no more war, no more violence'.


It is worth remembering that, more than a time of penance or preparation, Lent is a declaration of love; God's love for us, our love for God and our love for one another. May we make a fruitful and blessed Lenten journey together.

With every blessing

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