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This Sunday has been designated 'SUNDAY OF THE WORD OF GOD'. The first reading from Nehemiah tells us that the people listened attentively to the Book of the Law - from morning to noon! But the key message, which Nehemiah repeats is 'This day is sacred to the not be mournful, do not not be sad'. God's word is life-giving and life-enhancing; it is not a whip with which to beat ourselves - though it may well challenge us and call us to reconciliation. Luke's Gospel is addressed to the unknown Theophilus; but the name means 'lover of God', so it is addressed to each of us. Luke's purpose is 'so that you may know how well founded the teaching is that you have received'. We are not asking that you sit listening to the priests from morning to noon but today is a good day to ask; 'what time do I give to reflecting on God's word in my life?'. You can do it in private, or use many wonderful books or on-line resources, including our two parish Zoom groups. If you would like more information on these, please contact the parish office. We have also provided books in the Bethany Room; you can feel free to drop in at almost any time to sit and read in peace. There are some excellent resources available on the Catholic Biblical Federation Website and you could do worse than read the Vatican II document Dei Verbum or Pope Benedict's Verbum Domini RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all who have died recently, especially;

Norlita Santos (Funeral; 11 February 11.30) Jozefa Mojotova Kevin Cullen Christopher Welch (Funeral; 25 January, 1pm) Cecilia Appiah (Funeral; 9 February, 1pm TBC)

and all those who have died during this time of pandemic. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them. SCRIPTURE FESTIVAL The Westminster Agency for Evangelisation is organising a Scripture Festival to be help in St Alban's Cathedral, over the days from 3-5 February. More information on the website ST RICHARD REYNOLDS COLLEGE

The College is looking for outstanding practitioners to join from September 2022 to deliver high-quality lessons. Salary negotiable dependent on calibre and experience. Current vacancies: Subject Leader of Physics (closing date, 6th February) Teacher of English (closing date, 4th February) Assistant Site Manager (closing date, 28th January) further information:

UNIVERSE CATHOLIC WEEKLY; ON-LINE The pandemic forced many publications to cease printing and move on-line. You can now subscribe to the Universe at The cost is £20 for 3 months. You can receive it free for four weeks, simply by sending your email address to them. CHRISTIAN UNITY WEEK There will be a united service in John Keble Church this Sunday, 23rd, at 3 pm. It will be followed by tea. Fr Eugene and some of the choir will attend. HOLOCAUST MEMORIAL DAY Also on Sunday 23rd at 3 pm, a commemoration will be held at Rickett Quadrangle, Middlesex University, NW4 4BT. More information at MARY'S MEALS Thanks to 'Double the Love', until 31st January, any donations made will be doubled; visit website

AND FINALLY... Next Tuesday, 25th January is the Feast of the Conversion of St Paul. This feast is always considered the Foundation Day of the Vincentians (Congregation of the Mission). To mark the occasion, the Vins of Sacred Heart would like to invite you to Morning Coffee in the Bethany Room after the 10 am Mass on Tuesday. We have a new coffee-maker and there will be cake! With every blessing Rev Eugene Curran CM

Ordinary Time; Week 3 of the Year Sunday Readings; Year C Weekday Readings; Year 2 Psalter; Week 3

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