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The Communion of Saints

This year, the feast of All Saints (All Hallows) is being celebrated on this Sunday, 30th October. In the Creed, we profess our faith in the Communion of Saints; I wonder, how often do we reflect on what that means? What it doesn't mean is superheroes who are possessed of superhuman abilities. It is about real people who struggle with the reality of life and seek to do the will of God to the best of their abilities and who wish to witness to the love of God for God's people. Of course, it includes the canonised holy ones of the Church but it also includes the holy ones we ourselves have known and loved; the people who sought to live good and holy lives to the best of their ability. It also includes our living sisters and brothers throughout the world, with whom we are in a communion and community of faith. And, it includes ourselves - the living - whom St Paul would refer to as the Saints in Mill Hill. Because that is our hope; that we will, one day, be counted as 'saints among the saints in the halls of heaven'. During this month of the Saints and the Holy Souls maybe it would be good to ask yourself; 'who are my saints?'. Who are the people who inspire, encourage and challenge me? Who are the people who touch my heart and feed my spirit? Whose faces arise before you when you think of those who have blessed your life and your journey of faith? RECENTLY DECEASED Please remember in your prayers all who have died recently, especially;

Thomas Baca Wilfred Canagaretna Darren O’Carroll Luisa Torreiro

whose funerals took place in the past days. We remember all those who have died during this time of pandemic. We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them.

BAPTISMS AND FIRST COMMUNIONS We welcome Adrian Zeus to the family of the Church and congratulate David on his recent First Holy Communion. NOVEMBER; REMEMBERING OUR BELOVED DEPARTED This Tuesday, 2nd November is the Feast of All Souls. For those who would like their family members and friends remembered during Masses in November and throughout the year, envelopes are available in the Narthex. They can be returned to the Church or Parish Office at any time. For those wishing to attend Mass for All Souls, there will be Mass on Monday at 7 pm and on Tuesday at 10 am. The MEMORIAL SERVICE for all our beloved departed, especially for those who have died in the past two years, will be held on Tuesday, 23rd November, at 7pm.


Bells Hill Cemetery, High Barnet 7 November, 3pm Golders Green (beginning in St Edwards) 21 November, 3pm Hampstead Cemetery 14 November, 2.30 pm Hendon Cemetery (meeting at South Chapel) 7 and 21 November, 2pm Mill Hill Cemetery 21 November, 2pm New Southgate Cemetery 14 November, 2pm Paddington Cemetery, Willesden Lane 21 November, 2pm Trent Park Cemetery 21 November, 2pm The complete list will be available on the Noticeboard outside the Church.


All are welcome to an afternoon of tea, cake and bingo on Monday 1st November, from 2.00 - 4.00 pm. VINNIE PACKS The Society of St Vincent de Paul will be distributing 11,500 Vinnie Packs, containing cold weather essentials, to homeless people this wind. Could you consider sponsoring packs (we suggest £3.70 per pack)? Cheques, made out to SVP, to Vinnie Packs, PO Box 72264, London SW1P 9EZ. You can also donate by Bank Transfer to Nat West, sort code 60-60-04, a/c 46088237. ST COLUMBA'S COLLEGE A Sixth Form Preview Evening will be held on Tuesday, 9 November, from 5.30 - 8.30 pm. There will also be a short presentation by the Headmaster, Mr David Buxton and other members of staff. Register for this event at or on the website. CHRISTMAS CARDS As we will not be hosting a Christmas Fair this year, Christmas Cards will be available for purchase at the Repository in the Narthex after Masses this weekend and next.


Next week, 6/7 November, will be the collection for Sick and Retired Priests of the Diocese. Envelopes will be available in the Narthex or you can use a QR code, which is on the envelopes and the poster. On-line contributions can be made at Please continue to prayer for all our clergy; active, retired, ill or deceased. CONTACTLESS GIVING Many of you have already been using the Contactless device in the Narthex. Leaflets are now available to explain how this can be used more effectively, especially in terms of Gift Aid. This device has already proven itself very useful. As always, we are extremely grateful for the support and contributions of all parishioners and visitors, however they are made. GOD’S HEALING PRESENCE PRAYER GROUP The group invites everyone to the weekly prayer meeting which is held on Friday evenings in the Church, beginning with Mass at 7pm MEMORIAL MASS FOR MR PATRICK ANYANWUThe Mass will now begin at noon this Saturday, 30th October. All Saints (All Hallows, Potter fans!) is a day for us to remember all those who have been our holy ones, who bless us and whom we bless in our prayers. For our Celtic ancestors, it was the feast of Samhain, when the veil between this world and the next was thin and the other world was close. It was not something to be feared or frightened of - it was a night of blessing. May it be so for us in our turn, Rev Eugene Curran CM

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