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The O Antiphons.

This coming week, beginning on Saturday, the Church uses the great 'O' antiphons, which address the coming Jesus by ancient titles; O Sapientia (Wisdom); Jesus is the Wisdom, which was with the Father when He created the world, now speaking directly to us. O Adonai (God); Jesus is God, the mystery of the divine made visible. O Radix Jesse (Stock of Jesse); Jesus is of the family of Jesse, the fulfilment of a promise made long ago. O Clavis David (Key of David); Jesus is the king who frees captives and brings liberty. O Oriens (Rising Son); Jesus is herald of a new dawn, the rising Sun of Justice. O Rex Gentium (King of the People); Jesus is the true leader, the one who leads humbly and with integrity. O Emmanuel (God-with-us); Jesus is like us 'in all things but sin'; nothing human is alien to him. Latin students used to delight in the fact that the first letters of each antiphon, spelt backwards, made the words 'Ero Cras': I will be (with you) tomorrow. RECENTLY DECEASED

Please remember in your prayers all our beloved departed, especially

Duggie Keey

We also remember those who died recently and those whose anniversaries occur at this time.

We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them. ADVENT/CHRISTMAS SERVICES REMINDERS A reminder of the parish Service of Reconciliation; tonight (Wednesday 14th) at 7.30 pm. The Parish Carol Service will be on Wednesday, 21st December, at 7.30pm. Masses on Christmas Eve will be at 5pm, 7pm, 9.30pm (Carols) and 10pm (Mass). Younger people coming to the 5pm Mass on Christmas Eve are invited to come as shepherds and angels. Masses on Christmas Day will be at 9am and 11am. There will be no evening Mass on either Christmas Day or St Stephen's Day (26th) FREE PARKING IN BARNET It is worth noting that there is free parking on-street and in council car-parks in Barnet on Saturdays and Sundays until Christmas and, luckily, Christmas falls on the weekend! AFTERNOON TEA AND BINGO The Parish SVP are holding a Christmas afternoon tea and bingo on Monday 19th December, 2pm until 4pm. All are welcome. ALTAR SERVERS TRAINING A reminder to all altar servers that there will be a training in the Church this Saturday, 17th, at 3.30pm VOLUNTEER STEWARDS/COLLECTORS Just a reminder that we need people who are willing to volunteer as stewards/collectors at Masses, especially at the weekend. If you are available, please give your name to Dave Kennedy, to any of the priests or contact the parish office. DAUGHTERS OF CHARITY The final Advent Evening Prayer, which includes Adoration, is this Sunday at 4 pm and will be followed by a cup of tea. PARISH CHRISTMAS RAFFLE This weekend we continue to sell tickets at all Masses for the annual Christmas raffle. The draw will take place at the 11.30pm Mass. TRAINING FOR MINISTRY All Ministers of the Word and of the Eucharist are asked to attend a training afternoon on Saturday, 21st January, 2.00-3.30pm. Anyone else who wishes to attend is more than welcome. UNIVERSE CATHOLIC WEEKLY Its mission is to be “a light to guide the world, and a mirror to reflect it”. In order to keep its high standard going and maintain a strong weekly Catholic voice, please consider taking out a subscription. Order your Digital four weeks FREE introductory offer by calling Michelle on 0743 661 7650 or email:

O Oriens (O Rising Sun)

AND FINALLY... This coming Wednesday, 21st, is the Winter Solstice, the moment at which the days begin to lengthen and light begins to dominate darkness; in challenging times, may we keep our eyes fixed on Jesus, the Sun of Justice, the Rising Light.

For our Jewish sisters and brothers, Hannukah, the great festival of lights, with its 9 candles on the Menorah, begins this Sunday, 18th, and ends on the 26th. With them, as with our ancient ancestors, we can celebrate the Light that conquers darkness. With every blessing as we enter this last week of preparation for Christmas.

Rev Eugene Curran CM

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