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This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday,

This Sunday is Divine Mercy Sunday, instituted following the revelations to St Faustina. It calls us all to be open to God's mercy, which 'has given us a new birth as his children'. The Hebrew word 'Hesed' is translated as Mercy, Loving Kindness, Steadfast Love, Loving Devotion, or, simply, Love. This feast reminds us of God's love for us, a love which redeems, saves and makes us holy. A love which never waivers. We, in our turn, show this in our lives when, as the first reading puts it, we 'remain faithful to the teaching of the Apostles, to the community, to the breaking of the bread and the prayers'.


Please remember in your prayers all our beloved departed, especially

Marie Shirley deLord

those who died recently and those whose anniversaries occur at this time.

We continue to remember in our prayers all those who are sick and those who care for them. FR NOEL'S JUBILEE On 30th March, Fr Noel quietly celebrated his 60th anniversary of priesthood. To mark this very significant milestone, we will have a little reception after the 11.30 Mass this Sunday, 16th. Fr Noel will be there and he specifically requests only your presence (if you are free) but no presents or gifts. We are blessed to have him amongst us and it will be an opportunity to give thanks to the Lord for his years of loving service. SUNDAY EVENING PRAYER AND BENEDICTION Beginning this Sunday, 16th, and each Sunday until Pentecost, we will have a period of prayer, starting at 7.30pm. It will include Evening Prayer, Benediction and conclude with Night Prayer. ENVELOPE COLLECTION A reminder that envelopes are now available for collection: in the office any morning or in the Church this weekend. ALTAR SERVERS For those who did not receive their Easter eggs; they are awaiting you in the Sacristy.. AFTERNOON TEA AND BINGO The SVP tea and bingo will take place this Monday, 17th, from 2-4pm. MISSIO A big thank-you to all the parish red box holders and standing order donors: in 2022 you raised £3,609.05 for Missio. This year Missio have highlighted the work being done in Fundong, Northwest Cameroon, by Mill Hill Missionary Fr Leon, who is providing a safe and secure learning environment for children of families affected by conflict in that part of the country. Cameroon has been very good to us here in Mill Hill by sending Fr John to us. It is good to have given just a little back! Missio has also been active in Turkey and Syria following the recent earthquake, and in Malawi following Cyclone Freddy. If you would like a red box or would like to start a standing order contact Nick Musgrove: 020 8958 5917, 07511 858 729 or GOOD COUNSEL NETWORK A reminder that the network is urgently in need of funds. To support them , please visit AND FINALLY...

Thanks to all who made the Paschal Triduum such a prayerful and meaningful time. Thanks to our altar servers and ministers of the Word and Eucharist; thanks to our choirs and musicians; thanks to those who set up the hall and those who beautified the Church; thanks to those who coordinated the various elements and those who cooperated with them; thanks to those who prepared our new vestments; thanks to those who made the services available to people on-line; thanks to my confreres for their prayerful presiding and considered words; thanks, most especially, to all who participated, either in Church or on-line; together we all form a worshipping community of faith, called to be witnesses to the Resurrection and to the continued living, loving and transforming presence of Christ in our world. May we live in the Mercy of God and show it forth in our lives in the weeks to come. With every blessing and good wish, Rev Eugene Curran CM

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