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Blessing a Union


In the preface of the marriage ceremony, we hear the words:


‘The love of man and woman is made holy in this sacrament
of marriage and becomes a mirror of (God’s) everlasting love.’


Planning Your Wedding at the Sacred Heart

  1. Contact the parish with your desired wedding
    date to check availability of the church.

  2. Contact your nearest registry office to obtain the marriage certificates

  3. Complete the prenuptial enquiry forms provided by your Parish

  4. Obtain your baptismal and confirmation certificates

  5. Complete the declaration of freedom forms with a solicitor or commissioner for oaths. These are available at the Parish.

  6. Your priest will guide and direct you in relation to marriage preparation courses.


Floristry, musicians and choirs, altar servers and the church stipend are to be arranged via the parish office. Your priest will guide you in relation to music for your marriage in accordance with liturgical norms. The church hall is also available as a reception venue.  

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