Advice on orders of service

The Rite of Marriage

Below is an example of information you may wish to include in your order of service for your wedding. Your priest will meet with you to help you prepare your order of service, the choice of readings and the make up of the mass booklet.​

Please click below to find a selection of readings you can use for your wedding ceremony.

How It Will Unfold


Introductory Rites 

Opening Hymn or Entrance Antiphon 

Liturgical Greeting 

Penitential Rite (The Priest speaks to the couple and all present in order to prepare them for the celebration of Marriage) 


The Liturgy of the Word 

There may be three readings in the Liturgy of the Word, the first of them from the Old Testament 

The Rite of Marriage 

Declaration of Consent 


Blessing of Rings 

Exchange of Tokens (optional)/Candle Ceremony (optional)/Prayer of the Newly Married Couple (optional) 

Prayer of the Faithful 

Liturgy of the Eucharist (The gifts of bread and wine are brought to the altar) 


Prayers over the Offerings 


Eucharistic Prayer 


Communion Rite 


Communion Antiphon 


The Concluding Rites 


Solemn Blessing 


(The Marriage Registration Form is now signed in or near the sacristy) 


Then the newly married couple process out of the Church together 


Hymn or piece of music