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Fr Eamon: Christian Unity

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year B - 28th January, 2018

Week of Prayer for Christian Unity is observed from 18th to 25th Jan .The 2018 week is finished. There are 50 weeks left this year to pray for this intention. Here in UK we live in a country that is marked by diversity in language, culture, and even climate, and it also embodies diversity in expressions of Christian faith. Living with this diversity, but being faithful to Christ’s desire for the unity of his disciples, has led many to a reflection on Paul’s provocative question in 1 Corinthians, “Has Christ been divided?” In faith we respond, “No!” Yet our church communities continue to endure scandalous divisions. 1 Corinthians also points us to a way in which we can value and receive the gifts of others, even now in the midst of our divisions, and that is an encouragement to us in our work for unity. So during last Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2018 Christians from all over the world explored, in ecumenical sharing, the many blessings and gifts we receive from God and how our response to their abundance is to treat each other and our world with dignity and respect. Acknowledging and rejoicing in our diversity ,we are empowered to work together as the body of Christ.

What are the aims of the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity?

To pray as Christ prayed “That they may be one”.

To pray for the unity of all Christian people, as we share in Christ’s ministry.

The Week of Prayer offered opportunities to meet and pray with fellow Christians of different denominations in our locality. We gathered for no other reason than to declare to the world that our disunity is a scandal and that we will go on praying and working for that unity which is God's gift to the church and to the world.

Christian Aid provides Go and Do action suggestions - linking into the important work of Christian Aid in the relief of poverty and advocacy of justice. [Take a prayer card for Racial Justice - in the narthex] These action points have been inspired by the United Nations' Eight Millennium Goals. [Google them on internet ]. Here in the parish Food Bank Sunday is 1st Sunday in the month. It can be your monthly good deed. Take action to help ensure food security for all . Find out more about the tragedy of waste. Together we take on the challenge of living below the line. Together... we are called to be saints. Together...we give thanks for God's grace in one another. Together... we are not lacking in any spiritual gifts. Together...we affirm that God is faithful. Together...we are called to brotherhood/ sisterhood. Together...we seek to be in agreement.

Together...we belong to Christ.

That all may be one.

Fr Eamon Raftery C.M.


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