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Fr Noel: Morning Prayer

First Sunday In Lent Year C, Sunday 10 March 2019

Every weekday, Mondays to Fridays at 9.30 am, some of our parishioners pray what is called “Morning Prayer of the Church”.

“Prayer of the Church” is divided into Morning Prayer – Office of Readings – Prayer During the Day – Evening Prayer and Night Prayer. These prayers are taken from the Book of Psalms, the Bible and other religious writings.

On the Thursday after Ash Wednesday – during the Office of Readings and at Mass this prayer was used.

"Prompt our actions with your inspiration we pray, Oh Lord, and further them with your constant help, that all we do may always begin from you and by you be brought to completion through Christ our Lord, amen."

I think this is a beautiful summary of the Christian life.

It shows the relation between the help and grace of God and our response. Jesus tells us in the Gospel according to St John chapter 15 verse 5 “Without Me you can do nothing”.

Yet Jesus waits for our co-operation in his mission to make all people aware of his love for them.

Jesus being God does not need anyone or anything still he invites us to share in his mission to inform all people of His love for them.

We need not be anxious about the state of the Church – about our sins and the sins of others. God is merciful psalm 103 verse 8 says Yahweh is tenderness and pity slow to anger, rich in faithful love”

God lives in us by his grace. We are not alone.

Fr N Travers cm


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