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Respectable Families

6th Sunday of Easter - Year A - 21st May, 2017

Often times on parish missions a priest might ask during a workshop on family life if anyone present belonged to a respectable family. People would immediately laugh as they would ponder privately on their guarded family secrets!

Skeletons in the cupboard

In the past the phrase “this is a respectable family” was often used. In today’s culture hidden skeletons are less easily concealed. Investigative journalism, and often times, easy confessions on chat shows or in glossy magazines reveal the most sacred of secrets.

Undeserved Crosses

An old missioner once said: “Before you knock on a door or ring a bell on your house visits, stop and reflect that a good family lives within but a trauma, suffering or challenge may have entered by this door which they never expected or deserved.” He went on: “Help them to understand that what comes through their doors could make them saints one day.

The Mass as a Family Celebration

You will hear the word “family” in the Mass today. We say we are sorry, that we are not worthy that Jesus should come under our roofs. We know that we are a church of sinners. We are also hearing of the coming of the Advocate, the Holy Spirit. In legal terms He is the one who will plead our cause and call us to be holy and, yes, if you like, to be respectable once again!

Just a thought for today

Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.

Fr Michael McCullagh C.M.


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