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Trinity Sunday: A Day of Blessings

The Most Holy Trinity Sunday, Sunday 16th June 2019

‘Bless what there is for being’

W.H.Auden in his poem called ‘Precious Five’ celebrating the five senses speaks of a righteous anger in the words,

I could (which you cannot)

Find reasons fast enough

To face the sky and roar

In anger and despair

At what is going on…….

But then he inserts the line: ‘Bless what there is for being.’

Today is a day of blessing

I once heard an old man on his death bed bless himself with the following formula:

‘In the name of the Father who created us, and of his Son, Jesus, who died for us and of the Holy Spirit, who makes us holy and makes us one.’

So, today we thank God for what there is for being, for the gift of life given to us; for life renewed in the Jesus of history and the Christ of faith and, for the Holy Spirit, who calls us to holiness and unity.

A Day to return blessings – Fr. Chinedu Enuh blesses his parents

On his Baptismal day, Chinedu Erasmus Enuh was first blessed by his parents with the words from the priest: ‘The Christian community welcomes you with great joy, and in its name I claim you for Christ our Saviour by tracing the sign of the cross on your forehead and I now invite your parents and Godparents to do the same.’

So today, Mr. and Mrs. Paul and Elizabeth Enuh receive back the first blessing they first gave their infant son, Chinedu, when he blesses them in gratitude for their first blessing to him.

A Minister of Joy

Today, Fr. Chinedu Enuh c.m. will be a minister of God’s joy as he blesses all who called him to this day, his parents and family, his neighbours, his Vincentian confreres from the Nigerian and the Anglo-Irish Province, his seminary formators and the parishioners from various parishes who have inspired him and supported him in prayer.


Fr Michael cm


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