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You are God's Secret

15th Sunday in Ordinary Time - Year A - 16th July, 2017

A person of secrets

My grandmother used to speak of a “secret–ary” with the emphasis on the word “secret”. We, as precocious grandchildren, loved to show off and correct her. In hindsight, how correct she was. She would have been a woman of secrets.

The One with Whom I share secrets

In the Gaelic language ‘secret’ is translated as ‘rún’ (Pronounced ‘ruin’). So we have the song Eileen ‘mo rún’ , the one with whom I share my secret, my loved one.

Secrets are precious

When someone shares a secret with me, I feel privileged and trusted, honoured indeed that I have been chosen as the one to carry the joy or burden of another. If I break that secret what a dishonour I have done to that person. How betrayed I would feel if someone I trusted, shared my secret with another.

The Priest of Secrets

In the olden times in the Gaelic language the priest was referred to as ‘sagart a rún’ , the one with whom I share the secrets of my life. I know those secrets are safe, secure and hidden in God’s sacred and secret place for all times. Even priests I know and whom I meet regularly and to whom I have told the secrets of my life in confession will hold them in a silent space forever. I think even of priests who have left the priesthood and are now married, and to whom I once confessed – my confessions told in secret, are safe with them.

God sows the seed of goodness in the sacred soil of my heart

Today in the gospel Jesus tells us of the seed which falls on good soil and yields a rich harvest. That good soil lies within the sacred space of my heart. I welcome God's word spoken to me in secret this day. I welcome His word and pray and that it will bear good fruit in my thoughts, words and actions today.

A Little prayer

Dear Lord, how privileged I am that you created me as a person. Help me to make my heart a place of welcome for your seed of goodness. My simple mantra for today is: “I live now, not I but Jesus Christ lives in me.” Amen.

Fr. Michael McCullagh C.M.


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